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HELENA SÁNCHEZ is a singer, composer, manager and producer of music and stage shows, with experience both in music and film. She is singer, composer and leader of her project Hela San and the duet Leontine, with which she has recorded several albums and performed at various festivals and national and international stages. As a singer she has participated in the music of various film soundtracks, such as “Carmín Tropical”, “Gloria” and “Bosque de niebla”. Helena has also worked as a producer and production designer for film, TV and advertising projects.

In addition to her artistic and production work, she has worked as production coordinator and institutional liaison for projects of the Jalisco Ministry of Culture and as operations and special projects coordinator of Casa del Cine in Mexico City, where she had the opportunity to coordinate diverse projects linked to international independent cinema. She has been part of the Organizing Committee of the Guadalajara International Film Festival. In the field of cultural management, she was founder and director of Santagostina Management Agency, working with artists such as Jaramar and Los Dorados.

In the teaching field, Helena is a vocal coach and has given singing and management workshops. She has received the FONCA federal grant as well as PECDA and the Proyecta Producción grants from the Jalisco Ministry of Culture.