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We creators of music have as our center of work the search for languages ​​that are powerful, that travel and communicate, all this arising from a personal need for expression and communication that is part of our life project. For these reasons and for a deep attraction for the audiovisual media and the performing arts we have decided to create Casa De Maniobras, a collective focused on the creation and production of music aimed at the powerful communication vehicles that are cinema, TV, theater and dance.

CASA DE MANIOBRAS aspires to be a center of operations and also a space for dialogue and creative exploration that fosters links between creators and the construction of creative bridges. We seek to share common discourses, something possible, necessary, and nourishing, as well as being a mechanism that opens windows, renovates and contributes to a much-needed strengthening of the social fabric.


CASA DE MANIOBRAS is Jaramar Soto, Helena Sánchez, Luciano Sánchez and Rodrigo Barbosa, composers, performers, producers and managers of music and multidisciplinary projects. Among the four of us, we cover musical universes ranging from classical music, jazz, traditional and folk music, to pop, rock, and urban genres.



  • Composition and production of original music
  • Scoring and sound design for cinema, TV, theater and dance
  • Music recording, production and postproduction
  • Music supervision
  • Show production
  • Wide catalog of music ready to licensing